Gifts for Valentine

Gifts for Valentine

The graphs below show the types of gifts that men and women in the USA buy for each other on

Luyện thi ielts, eLive English

Luyện thi ielts, eLive English

Answer the following questions:

  • What are the top three gifts?
  • What is the most popular gift?
  • What percentage of men like to buy Valentine’s Day cards?
  • What percentage of women like to buy Valentine’s Day cards?
  • Is there are difference in the second most common gift?
  • What is the second most popular gift bought by men?
  • What percentage of men bought this gift for their loved one?
  • What is the second most popular gift that women give men?
  • What is the third most popular gift bought by men for women?

Sample IELTS Essay Writing Task 1

The graphs reveal information on the types of gifts that people in the USA buy for each other on

Noticebly, it can be seen that cards seem to be the first choice of both sexes when it comes to Valentine’s gifts. In fact, the figures for men and women are 27% and 18%, respectively.

Another striking feature is that traditional gifts including flowers, candy and jewelry appear to be the second most popular gifts among the American as the numbers are consistently above 10%. Interestingly, while 21% of women buy candy for their loved ones, the corresponding figure of men is just 14% or 7% less.

A more interesting thing is that 10% of females consider perfume or cologne the best choice whereas only 4% of their counterparts agree with this. Also, other gifts such as lingerer or spa are chosen, with spa being the least popular to men (only 1% appreciate this)

In conclusion, the graphs may well reflect the differences between two sexes when choosing a gift for their loved ones. While women like the romance, their counterparts seem to be more realistic.

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