Working together

Working together

Working together


A: Would you mind staying late to finish the report?

B: I’m sorry, but I’ve got plans for this evening. I’ll come in early tomorrow to finish it.

A: That’s fine.





A: Can you call the travel agent and book a flight to Frankfurt for me, please?

B: Sure. What are the details?




A: Could you show me how to use the fax machine?

B: OK. Do you want to use it now?

A: Yes, please.




A: Would you mind giving me the sales figures for last month, please?

B: OK, no problem.

A: Thanks.




A: Could you help me with my PowerPoint presentation?

B: Sorry. I’m not very good with PowerPoint. I’ll ask Sam to help you.

A: Thanks.




A: Could you send these letters, please?

B: I’m sorry, I’ve got a meeting now. Can I send them at lunchtime?

A: Yes, that’s fine.



B. 2

A: Does anyone have any new ideas for marketing the new products?

B: Well … how about advertising on TV? It’s the most effective way.

C: Yes, but er, we don’t have enough money. TV is far too expensive. Er, we could have some displays in stores.

A: Mmm, that’s a good idea. I like that. Any more suggestions?

D: Why don’t we organize a competition? People have to buy the product to enter the competition.

B: I agree, but prizes are expensive.

D: Mmm.

A: Yes, We need to do some research on that. Um, any more?

B: Let’s build a new website. We could find ways to attracting people to the site.

D: I agree. A new website is important.

A: Fine.




Nguyễn, Ngọc Tam

Nguyễn, Ngọc Tam

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