Tips for ielts listening

Tips for ielts listening

Each recording in the Listening test is heard once only...

  • Each recording in the Listening test is heard once only.
  • You will be given time to read through the questions before you listen.
  • As you listen, write your answers on the question paper. At the end of the test, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. It is essential that you transfer your answers to the answer sheet as nothing you write on the question paper will be marked.
  • You must write your answers in pencil.
  • An example of a completed Listening answer sheet is given on the next page.
  • ‘Completion’ question types (e.g. note completion):

– Pay attention to the word limit. For example, if you are asked to complete a sentence using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS, and the correct answer is ‘leather coat’, the answer ‘coat made of leather’ would be incorrect.
– Transfer only the missing word(s) to the answer sheet. For example, if you have to complete the note ‘in the … ’, and the correct answer is ‘morning’, the answer ‘in the morning’ would be incorrect.
– You will hear the word(s) you need to use in the recording. You will not need to change the form of the word(s) you hear.
– Pay attention to spelling and grammar: you will lose marks for mistakes.
– You may write your answers in lower case or in capitals.


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Nguyễn, Ngọc Tam

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    6/23/2016 1:54:41 AM / By Nguyễn, Ngọc Tam

    The IELTS Listening test contains 40 questions. Each correct item is awarded one mark. Band scores, ranging from Band 1 to Band 9, are awarded to test takers on the basis of their raw scores.

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