Talking about things in the office and workplaces and locations

Talking about things in the office and workplaces and locations

Talking about things in the office and workplaces and locations. Which of these offices would you like to work in? Which one would you like to work in?

In the office.


A: Excuse me.

B: Yes?

A: I need something for drawing a straight line.

B: Oh, you want a ruler. There’s one on my desk. I’ll get it for you.

A: Thank you.


A: Oh! I’ve made a mistake in this report. Um, have you got, er, something to correct mistakes?

B: You mean a rubber. There’s one on the table. Here you are.

A: Ah, no, it’s in pen, er, not pencil. I need that white stuff for correcting mistakes.

B: Oh, right, correction fluid. We keep that in the cupboard. I’ll get you some.

A: Thanks very much.


A: Can you help me?

B: Sure.

A: I’m doing my expenses and I need, er, you know, it’s a thing for adding numbers.

B: Oh, yes, a calculator. There’s one over there next to the fax machine.

A: Thank you.


A: I can’t find my, er, book… the one for making notes during meetings.

B: Oh, you mean your notepad. Here it is, next to the telephone.

A: Oh, thanks! And where can I get one of those colored pens we use to show important points in notes?

B: Er, a highlighter? I think there are some in that drawer.

A: Thanks.


Workplaces and locations

3. Kanda Motors, Italy has a new factory producing cars for export to Asia. The factory is in Turin, in the northwest of Italy. They also have a factory in the south, near Naples. Motorcycle production is at the Ancona factory on the east coast. The company’s Head Office is in the suburbs of Rome, in the east of the city. They also have a branch office in Milan in the north. The main showroom is in Rome.




stationery supplies
Stationary supplies


Bedroomobjects labels
Bedroomobjects labels
coast labels
Coast labels



Office equipment/furniture:

















Electric socket


Fax machine


Filing cabinet








Telephone directory

































North (n):

Hướng bắc

NE = North East (n)

Hướng đông bắc

East (n)

Hướng đông

SE = South East (n)

Hướng đông nam

South (n)

Hướng nam

SW = South West (n)

Hướng tây nam

West (n)

Hướng tây

NW = North West (n)

Hướng tây bắc




branch office

Here we represent our company in this area.


This is where we produce the cars.


We keep the finished products here.


Customers come here to look at our cars (products) and try them.

Design studio:

Here we need to have ideas about colours, styles, etc.


Customers come here to buy our food products.

Head office:

The company directors work here




Suburb (n):

Ngoại ô. An area where people live which is away from the centre of a town or city.

Coast /koʊst/ (n):

Bờ biển. the land beside or near to the sea or ocean.

Westminster (n):

the British parliament and government

Commuter /kəˈmjuːtər/ (n):

A person who travels into a city to work each day, usually from quite far away.

Teleworker /ˈteliwɜːrkər/ (n):

A person who works from home, communicating with their office, customers and others by telephone, email, etc

Telecommuter /telikəˈmjuːtər/ (n):

A person who works from home, communicating with their office, customers and others by telephone, email, etc.

Stuff /stʌf/ (n):

(informal, sometimes disapproving) used to refer to a substance, material, group of objects, etc. when you do not know the name, when the name is not important or when it is obvious what you are talking about.

Ex: I need that white stuff for correcting mistakes

Fluid/ˈfluːɪd/ (n):

Chất lỏng, (adj) lỏng, dễ cháy, hay thay đổi. a liquid (gas, solid); a substance that can flow

Correction fluid:

A liquid; a substance that can flow

Expense /ɪkˈspens/(n):

Sự tiêu, phí tổn, (số nhiều: Phụ phí, công tác phí). the money that you spend on something.


Nguyễn, Ngọc Tam

Nguyễn, Ngọc Tam

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