There's a little diner on the corner of 69th and Broadway that's all right.

There's a little diner on the corner of 69th and Broadway that's all right.

Your parents are visiting you from out of town for a week. Today is a weekday, and you have to go to work. You are listing restaurants that they can go to for lunch while you're out.

Bố mẹ bạn từ quê lên thành phố thăm bạn. Hôm nay là ngày trong tuần và bạn phải đi làm. Bạn không thể chăm sóc bữa trưa cho bố mẹ bạn được, vì vậy bạn đưa cho họ một danh sách các nhà hàng mà bố mẹ bạn có thể đến đó cho bữa trưa trong khi bạn đi làm. Bạn nói:

There's a little diner on the corner of 69th and Broadway that's all right.

1. A dinner.

A "diner" is a specific type of restaurant. Some qualities of a diner include:

  • being open 24 hours or at least until late at night
  • serving breakfast items throughout the day
  • having a 1950s-style decor
  • serving standard American food like hamburgers and French fries

2. There’s (an option)

You can suggest options or choices for someone this way:

A: Where should we go for lunch?

B: Well, there's Martha's on 10th Street, there's the Mexican place around the corner, there's Banh's...

3. On the corner of (a street name( and another street name)

To explain where something is in a city, give the names of the "cross streets":

It's on the corner of 25th Avenue and Lexington Street.

This means that the location is at the place where those two streets cross each other.

If you think that the listener knows what streets you're talking about, you can leave off the words "Street", "Avenue", "Road", etc.:

It's on the corner of Main and Duke.

You can also give directions by just saying the street names, without "on the corner of":

It's on 69th and Broadway.

4. (Something) is all right

The phrase "all right" means "not bad" or "pretty good". For example:

A: How was the conference?

B: It was all right. There were a few boring talks, but a couple of them were really good.

The meaning of "all right" can range from pretty bad to pretty good depending on the situation and how you pronounce it. If something is expected to be good, but you say that it's only "all right", then it might seem negative:

I saw that movie you recommended. I thought it was all right.

But if something is expected to be bad, saying that it's "all right" will seem positive:

A: How was your flight?

B: Actually, it was all right.

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