Business Goals 1: Introducing yourself

Introducing yourself and Introducing other people: The first time you meet someone, you may have a short converstation before exchanging names. When you introduce two people, give their names at the beginning of the conversation and add information about each person to help them talk to each other. If you are introduced to someone, use their name immediately. It will help you to remember it.

New faces

lorence: Hello, Are you new here?

AndRew: Yes, It’s my first day today. My name’s AndRew Walsh. I’m in the Sales Department.

Florence: I’m Florence Garnier. Please call my Florence. I’m in the Human Resources Department.

AndRew: Nice to meet you.

Florence: Good to meet you, too. Where are you from, AndRew?

AndRew: I’m from Dublin in Ireland. And you? Where are you from?

Florence: I’m from Lille in France. Well, if you need anything, let me know.

AndRew: OK, thanks

Listen to Florence Garnier and Andrew Walsh:

Culture focus:

a. Everyone calls me Pamela. My boss, my colleagues, my friends. My last name is Bryson, but usually only visiting sales people call me Ms Bryson.

b. Everyone at work calls me Popov, my last name. Visitor to the office call me Gospodin Popov; that’s like ‘Mr Popve’. Only close friends and family use my first name, Vladimir.

c. My name is Elisabeth Reiser. My friends and colleagues call me Eli but I usually prefer my whole first name, Elisabeth. Visitor usually call me Ms Reiser.

d. My name is Koji Hirano. My friends call me Koji, but my colleagues call me by my last name, Hirano. Usually we add ‘-san’ to names in Japan. For example, my boss, Toru Nakamura, is always Nakamura-san and he calls me Hirano-san.

Introducing other people:

A: Mr Haneda, I’d like to introduce you to Jacob Travis. Jacob works in the Marketing Department of our company. Mr Haneda is a director of Yonegawa Industries.

B: It’s nice to meet you, Mr Haneda.

C: Nice to meet you, too. Do you have a large Marketing Department here?

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